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What readers are saying about Magnificent Obesity

Book Sarah S w Book“…unstintingly honest and beautifully written…”

“…..amazingly inspiring……”

“I couldn’t believe how fast it was, how easily it read, how entertaining it was and at the same time how enlightening!”

“She was afraid of her own bathtub.” I knew I was going to love this book from the opening line. I feel like I shared Martha’s journey with her. It made me think of my own fears and I found a sort of relief in knowing I wasn’t alone with them. This book was truly a life changing read for me. Wonderful.”

“The writing is beautiful and moving throughout and it shook me in places that have been part and parcel of my life struggles.”

Nancy w Book

“I absolutely LOVED this book! Moravec is an amazing writer. I felt like I was right there with her. Her emotional intelligence and her captivating style kept me interested in every word.”

Senje w Book

“Phenomenal. So powerful. I bought several copies to hand out to friends.”

“A taut and poignant memoir of a journey of mind, body and soul.”Book Meriah w Book

“Wow!!! I have read a lot of memoirs and autobiographies, but Martha’s story really resonated with me. This is a true page turner!”

“I discovered your book last night on Biographile. I cannot put it down. It is a revelation, an inspiration and profoundly moving. Thank you.”

“I stayed up half the night finishing Martha Moravec’s incredible book. It is so honest and beautifully written – with themes we can all relate to.”Jean I

“This is not a whiny or pretentious narrative; it is a sweeping study of one woman’ s life and I could not put it down. If you are interested in coming of age stories, family dysfunction, mother-daughter dynamics, especially in the latter part of life, struggles with addiction and anxiety, the search for spiritual meaning, and the universal longing for reinvention and rebirth, this book has it ALL, but what it really has going for it, what makes it so absorbing and memorable, is the introduction to a vibrant new voice in nonfiction!” Gene Reading Book

“I can’t begin to tell you how much I enjoyed this book! I laughed and cried, saw myself SO many times! I am in awe of how beautifully it is written! OK, Oprah, now THIS is a book for your book club! Bravo!!”

“This is a perfect book. I love it.”Book Sarah w Book I-1

“Wow. All I can say is wow. Moravec really delves deep into who and what we are.”

“So many crisis memoirs are so centered on self that it’s hard to see one’s own self in them. This has an objective quality — hard won, I’m sure — that makes it both helpful and refreshing.”

“I am absolutely blown away. This book is stunningly written, at the sentence level and in the overarching shape of the story. It is so honest, smart, and engaging. There is much for the public to enjoy and hold onto in this book – just the comfort of knowing there are many of us ‘sensitives’ out there who seem to struggle more with fear and depression.”

Mim Reading Book

“This is fabulous. Like Anne Lamott, Roxane Gay, fabulous.”

“I rate books mostly by the interest factor and how anxious I am to continue to read until I’m done. I finished this book in no time.”

Hanying Li Reading Book“I loved this book. A very deep soul searching life journey.”

This book is great. Everyone and anyone should read it. There is so much to identify with about what we go through as flawed human beings, both on the receiving end and what comes out of it. Moravec’s candor about the less glamorous aspects of her life are great and I think that anyone reading this book will gain some release from the shaming aspects of their own personal struggles. She hits the nail on the head so many times just by describing her pain, anxiety, illness and then her process in achieving wholeness and health through a wide lens that includes psychological, spiritual, cultural forces, and, oh, very funny story telling. This book is so honest that it has to be healing both for the author and whoever reads it. Everybody should!”

Phyllis w Book“The author’s ability to simultaneously describe what happened and how she felt about it is amazing.”Sasha Reading Book

“The concluding chapters just blew me away because they are the most hopeful and optimistic reading I’ve encountered in a very long time. As soon as I finished this book, I knew that I will be hearing a great deal more from its author in the future.”

“This book is so honest about the physical, cultural and spiritual struggles that are presented to all of us. Martha shares openly about her journey and her healing with great insights and humor. It is a great book.”Paul D

“Moravec’s struggle to fight for who she is and to maintain faith in who she can become inspires real hope for all of us. This is a very healing book.” Atticus w Book

’I believe that for humans, the most regrettable of omissions, along with unshed tears and unexamined lives, is untold stories, the things not shared, the lost opportunity to be honest about oneself and tender toward others’. For me this passage from Magnificent Obesity captures the essence of the book. The author’s willingness to share her story with openness, vulnerability and grace shows that one does not have to travel to other countries or hike the Pacific Crest Trail to make great strides in inner work and growth.”Book Betsy w Book

“Moravec’s long struggle is familiar to me for so many reasons. I also frequently feel I’ve let my potential drown in fear and I am grateful for her example of courage and persistence!”

“The author has an amazing ability to describe really difficult experiences with a mix of humor and grace.”

“I enjoyed this book so much I could hardly put it down. It is so beautifully written.”

“I’ve read a great many memoirs and novels but never have I felt so strongly that the author had gotten inside my head. So many times I felt as though her thoughts were my thoughts, it was uncanny. I also appreciated that despite the gravity of her topics, she maintains a wonderful sense of humor.” Peter

“I love this book. I’ve developed a fear of flying over the years, among other things. As I was walking through the airport yesterday worrying about my flight being shot down, etc., I just kept telling myself none of it was under my control and let it go. I continued reading the book before boarding. It was the first time in years that I have been relaxed enough to fall asleep on a fight. I will not let fear control my life. Martha Moravec has written a great book.”

Darleen w Book

Patti w Book

“I just finished Martha M Moravec’s wonderful book. It made me laugh and moved me to tears. I think everyone should read it.”

“She is such an engaging writer. I love her style and her way with words. It’s genius.” Nancy S Reading Book

“This isn’t a book about abuse and Martha doesn’t dish out a woe-is-me tale. In fact, this book does just the opposite. It illuminates what a smart, funny, talented, warmhearted and resilient person Martha is, despite some very unfortunate circumstances. There are many subjects I could relate to in this book. Comnig to terms with my own mortality and aging and anxiety. Most importantly, finding a sense of freedom despite life’s uncertainties.”

“It made me laugh and moved me to tears. I encourage everyone to read it.”Mary Ann

“A wonderful, thoughtful, honest, interesting memoir about finding oneself by looking deep inside.”

“I have been thinking a lot about vulnerability and about the fact that I don’t like it as much as I yearn to see more of it in the world. My natural response is to avoid ways engaging with it because it is too painful. Martha’s book is inspiring in so many different ways and her story is courageous beyond words”Ruth T

Book Mariana w Book

“This book is – magnificent. Martha is one of those rare individuals who not only knows exactly what she’s feeling and why but also possesses the ability to express it beautifully.”

“This is an incredibly brave book! Amazing, simply amazing. It will touch and change a great many lives with its fearless honesty! Martha’s journey made me laugh out loud and cry tears of joy! She has accomplished something profound, rare and beautiful.”

“I couldn’t put this book down. The author wrote her story with such soul-baring honesty, humor and never ending hopefulness that I was led from page to page through her journey cheering her on through every crazy event of her life. I was touched that she put words to many feelings that I too have felt. I recommend this book to anyone who thinks they are dealing with insurmountable struggles.”

Sarah B



“I couldn’t put this book down, and when I had to, I would look forward to picking it up again. I have read a lot of memoirs and self help books, but this one is different. Just a little later in life and out of necessity, Martha finally has to take a look at her denial and become willing to work on her most stubborn issues. She asks for help, and even more importantly, she accepts it. That’s when things begin to budge! Truly a success story!”

Lil w Book

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About Martha Moravec

Martha M Moravec is the author of the memoir Magnificent Obesity: My Search for Wellness, Voice and Meaning in the Second Half of Life, (Hatherleigh Press/Random House). She is also the author of two novels: an epic historical fantasy, The Secret Name of God; and a sci-fi eco-fable for young adults, The Odd Body Vanity Squad. Before committing to prose, she wrote the book and lyrics for five original full-length musicals, all of which were successfully produced in southern Vermont and Boston. Martha blogs at Mad Genius Bohemians about the mysteries of the creative life and the persistence of one's dreams. She also blogs at Magnificent Obesity about the hazards posed by anxiety, addiction, aging and agnosticism to personal growth and transformation. She can usually be found at home in Vermont working on her next seven novels, four novellas, second memoir and a sweeping revision of the five musicals. She is currently seeking further publication opportunities, a hundred more years and God.